Old Floor Grinding, Epoxy/Resin Filling, Crystallization/Diamond Polishing

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Old Floor Grinding, Epoxy/Resin Filling, Crystallization/Diamond Polishing

What is Marble Diamond Polishing ?

Marble polishing is done to remove any kind of stains from the floors. It will keep the floors stain free as well as shiny. The lack of shine can occur due to minute unevenness on the surface. Due to minute scratches over time, it tends to get dull. It may catch stains too. A marble floor, which is shiny in appearance, is capable of reflecting light. This enhances the look of the floor as well as the room. Hence, it is important to undertake it.

polish on marble makes the floors shiny again. Due to this, it becomes smooth. Hard and fine objects, like diamonds, are used to polish. The special machines used during the process tend to grind the uneven surface of the floor. After the complete process of it, the floor looks totally shiny and glossy. It shines as if it is a completely new floor. We do offer the lowest Marble Polishing rates in Delhi NCR. Our quality diamond marble polishing price per sq ft are very reasonable as compared to others.

Old Floor Grinding, Epoxy/Resin Filling, Crystallization/Diamond Polishing

Floor polishing involves five major steps, these are :

Marble Floor Grinding:Because of the settling of subfloors, or due to uneven installation of subfloors, floors may go uneven. This is called as lippage. Over time, there will be multiple scratches on the floor. A new marble to may have uneven surfaces. Grinding or scrubbing removes all roughness and ledges either it is Italian, Mosaic etc. It provides a flat shape to it. During this step, the stain and deepest scratches too get removed from the floor. For this process, grit size 30, as well as 50 diamonds, are suitable and effective.

Process of Honing : The second step is the marble floor honing. The main objective of this step is to eradicate stains and scratches from the dull marble. It helps in increasing the smoothness and shine. Cleaning pads having grit 100 and 200 are quite effective for this purpose.

Polishing on Marble : This step is essential for giving a shining effects. The dull look makes it look unattractive and dirty. It helps to remove the dullness and increase the shine and luster. In this case, industrial cleaning pads of grit size 400, 800, and 1500 are useful.

Buffing/Crystallization : This is the full and final stage of marble polishing. People either call it as the marble crystallization or buffing. In this step, marble is treated with crystallization powders and chemicals. Buffing results in a mirror-like shine. Grit size 3000 is apt for the crystallization of marble.

Sealing of Floor:The last step is apply sealer. It prevents any type of chips or cracks. It is essential to apply a good quality of sealer which helps to prevent chipping or cracks.

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